Commissions Open for 2021

Commissions Open for 2021

Black and white dynamic horse portrait commission art animal paintings by Renee fukumoto

I've been very low key with taking commissions for a few years now, in no small part because I sustained a head injury that rattled my confidence along with the rest of my senses LOL

Instead I have allowed myself to explore and experiment with different media, subjects and styles. What a wonderful journey it has been as I discover what visual language works for me at this time.

I've discovered a fresh vision in returning to monochrome (black and white) or a  limited, muted palette. I'm finding deep satisfaction in the interplay of intentional brush marks and the loose, raw qualities of drips, spatters and puddles of paint or water.

I'm finding my voice in the midst of a little chaos, where dynamic, expressive portraits and landscapes are born.

And I find myself ready to offer them to you, dear friends and collectors. Paintings created to light and warm your heart, bringing to life a memory or a passion, celebrating your own story.

The process for ordering one of these  unique commissioned paintings is quite simple. A few photos or a a cell phone video should be sufficient for reference material.

Commission options also include small sculptured pendants in fine silver that become legacies of love in wearable art, and sculptures in air dry media. I'll offer more information on these in the next blog post.

If you'd like more information please look at my Commissions page HERE.

Or feel free to email me at I would love to hear from you!.

~ Ré

(Renée Fukumoto)

Black and white dynamic horse portrait painting of Remi animal art by Renee fukumoto Canadian artist