Galloping Dreams, A Wild Horse Moment Oil Painting

Galloping Dreams, A Wild Horse Moment Oil Painting

A horse gallops toward the viewer in a cloud of light kissed dust. Galloping horse Inner Wild black and white oil on panel by Renee Fukumoto

Surrounded by things I love, this little oil painting is still in progress and in fact finally receiving further attention after a very long time on the shelf. 

I'm learning to be patient and kind with myself and my sometimes convoluted studio process and practice. I am constantly pushing into the areas of discomfort, the places where I must learn more, do more in order to express myself more completely. 

Often it appears to be the language of horses that speaks most freely for me. Oh, the wild wind and wild thundering hooves that thrill my heart! 

Updates on the progress of  "Inner Wild" will be shared here soon as well as when she'll be available for purchase. 

Talk to you soon!

~ Renée