Into The Forest I Must Go…

Into The Forest I Must Go…


Do you find yourself longing to wander in the woods? Since childhood I found myself entranced by the mysteries and wonder of the woods. Sunlight streaming through a leafy canopy and twisting branches capture my imagination and stir my soul.

Longing for the wandering path, the scent of breeze through the trees is still powerful. Painting these glimpses into the world within the woods creates echoes of serenity found in the experience.

Thoughtfully progressing with this woodland scene. An unexpected invitation into the peace and tranquility of the forest and simple waterfall. It's such a feast for the eyes and soul.

“Into the Forest I Must Go”

30” x 40” x 1.5”

Oil on Canvas

 This painting is inspired by a local scene and will I'm sure be explored again and again.

Buy this painting HERE to grace your own wall and have a respite from the busy world in your home.