Of Horses and Hearts

Of Horses and Hearts

I know, I know, its only Tuesday but...
This is a throwback to a painting I accomplished a few short years ago to celebrate my own horse (the Bay) and his pasture buddy.

As the horse owner it represents to me the incredible honour and joy of owning (being owned by!) and loving horses. Both of these boys are so dear to me.

As I look at it today, I am filled with love for these two boys and with delight that I love this painting more now than when I painted it!

The original remains in my own collection BUT I do offer prints for sale (and have found it to be a popular piece ;) )

As an artist this painting represents my own willingness to begin exploring my own passion for horses and realism in art in a more in depth way. I used acrylics for this piece and wrestled my way to a sense of representing these two horses' characters and relationship, not just their color and conformation. 

After this piece I switched to oils and found I no longer wrestled with the medium but found myself able to express subtlety and strength without the wrestling match of a super fast drying painting medium. Sigh of relief! 

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