Restoration and Solace

Restoration and Solace

Finding solace and restoration.

Returning to the rock. Time and again.

Time in the studio is ever an adventure.

How I've enjoyed this painting process, which embodies something of a return to my roots in monochrome and limited palette but finding a new expression in oils. Allowing myself time to follow the flow of the process, in quietness of mind and with a questioning heart. As a chronic over thinker, this gentle, peaceful process has been very healing. 

I'm exploring the soft and flexible qualities of oils while hinting at the transparency and freedom of watercolour and the rough and sketchy quality of charcoals.

I'm working on a little collection - mostly in my heart right now but it is slowly finding the light. I hope you'll enjoy watching it unfold with me. 

~ Renee 

When my heart is overwhelmed,
Take me to the rock that is higher than I.
Psalm 61:2