Welcome! Here's a little about me (Renée).

I create detailed, intricately hand sculpted jewellery in timeless silver which offers my collectors the ability to keep treasured memories close to their heart in a wearable, heirloom quality art form. I'm planning on expanding my use of metals and ceramics, exploring techniques like sand casting and wax carving.

Sculpting and painting satisfy both tactile and visual creative qualities when I need to express my response to animals and environments that invite more immersive connection.

Drawing from the deep well of artistic human history to translate my bone deep response to the wild and the tame, I’m passionate about capturing the textures and energy of my subjects, an essence that touches the heart.

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I’m so excited to be able to offer a growing collection of books for writing a daily journal, record keeping and story writing.

These books have been created using my own artwork in partnership with Amazon publishing.

Part of my someday plans are to write a couple of children’s books but that will be for the future. Meanwhile I’m having so much fun bringing these notebooks to life! I hope you enjoy them too.

Created to inspire and delight!

100 ruled pages

6” x 9”

Matt cover paperback

Original cover art (front and back) by Renee Fukumoto

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